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        Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Shenxing Photoelectric Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

        0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541

        Contact Us
        ADD:198# Yangzi dadao ,jiangyin new harbour city,jiangsu province TEL:0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541 LiuRong FAX:0510-86662518 P.C:214446 E-MAIL:shenxing@www.mokys.cn
        Exhaust gas treatment ultraviolet sterilization lamp
        作者: 時間:2019-03-21

        The toxic pollutants, benzene series, lipids, ethers, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds, such as acidic and alkaline oxides, produced in the production process of manufacturing enterprises are all harmful objects that are difficult to deal with.

        The ultraviolet lamp tube produced by shenxing company can provide the best solution. In photochemical reactions, many pollutants can directly absorb UV for photocracking, turning harmful substances into harmless substances. In addition to direct photolysis, another mechanism for the elimination of pollutants is that oxygen and water vapor in the air absorb VUV photolysis to produce ozone and HO radicals. This further oxidation process, promote the oxidation and degradation of pollutants, the elimination of harmful gases.

        Due to the dual effects of photocracking and oxidative degradation, the harmful gas treatment has achieved high efficiency and stability, little environmental impact, simple operation and management, low operation cost and remarkable results.

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