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        Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Shenxing Photoelectric Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

        0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541

        Contact Us
        ADD:198# Yangzi dadao ,jiangyin new harbour city,jiangsu province TEL:0510-86660896 13752927186 13771610541 LiuRong FAX:0510-86662518 P.C:214446 E-MAIL:shenxing@www.mokys.cn
        The technology of ultraviolet waste gas treatment equipment is briefly discussed
        作者: 時間:2019-03-21

        A, this product with a special high energy high ozone UV ultraviolet beam, fetor, cracking odorous gases such as ammonia and trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide and styrene, sulfide H2S, VOC, molecular chain structure of benzene, toluene, xylene, organic or inorganic polymer odorous compounds molecular chain, under high energy beam exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, degraded into low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O, etc.

        Second, the use of high-energy high-ozone UV UV beam decomposition of oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, namely, reactive oxygen, free oxygen because of the balance of positive and negative electrons carried by oxygen molecules, so need to combine with oxygen, and then produce ozone.

        UV+O2 O-+O * (reactive oxygen species)

        Iii. After the odorous gas is input into the purification equipment by exhaust equipment, the purification equipment USES high-energy UV ultraviolet beam and ozone to carry out synergistic decomposition and oxidation reaction on the odorous gas, so that the odorous gas material is degraded into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged through the exhaust pipe.

        Fourthly, high-energy UV beam is used to crack the molecular bonds of bacteria in the odorous gas, destroy the nucleic acid (DNA) of bacteria, and conduct oxidation reaction through ozone to completely achieve the purpose of deodorization and killing bacteria.

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